Its been long enough that I havent blogged. Time to get back on track. Things have been pretty much the same.. Mom and Dad are out of town for a couple of days. The house looks like a complete disaster. Its official. I cannot take care of a house by myself. Its near Impossible! How do people do it?  I have so much to do.. so many people to meet. It gets so difficult sometimes. It is so hard to be there for everyone. I make plans with one person and then I have at least 2 or 3 other people calling up and asking, pleading, emotionally blackmailing me to come hang out with them! *I do not mean any one person in particular. Do not get me wrong* and as much as I love the attention it is SO hard to choose. I’m ashamed of it but I had to cancel with some people who I havent met in ages *Gives Lumi hug* just coz’ Sheila was in town. What am I to do??!! I am only one person! *sigh*

Apart from that, I’m doing ok. Oscar was nice enough to share his cold with me. I hate colds. I mean…they hang around for too long. They’re not like fevers or chicken pox which you know lasts for a definite period of time. They’re always around..acting up at the most inappropriate times.
Fevers on the other hand, are nicer. They come and stay for a day or two and then they leave. Dont really bother you too much. In fact when I was in school, I always hoped for a nice fever..especially around those lousy test times. Three days off School. Wow!
I like the pampering the most. The nice warm blanket, the hot soup..laying in bed all day.

I better stop before I actually come down with something. No matter how much I like fevers.. this week I refuse to accept it! because..

The Festival of Life crusade is here!! Delirious?, Darlene Zchech, Joyce Meyer and Brian Houston! The city’s going crazy with excitement. I’m so glad I dont have a job or college to attend. For once I’m free to go. 😀
I’m a little nervous about meeting people. wont go into details here.

I’m concerned that I’m not taking enough photographs this year.. considering this is my last year here. I’m just waiting for my computer to get better… and my braces to come off! I look like I’m 12! Lol.. My dentist thinks it should be soon. *crosses fingers* It has to come off soon. I have too much planned! lol.

There. That’s my “I’m back” post. Sorry Celeste, I tried to make it a little interesting. But I dont sleepwalk and there’s no place that sells burgers that late at night. 😛

Being me,