Its been forever hasnt it? I was all set to leave comments on the blogs I read complaining about them not putting up anything new.
And then I come home to mine… 🙂

I guess its difficult to keep putting up new stuff. A lot of what happens in my life cannot be discussed here.. mainly for political reasons. Lol.
but there’s so much that I’m thankful for… It would be stupid not to write about it..considering that my memory is so outstanding that I probably wouldnt remember most of it a month later!

First of all, Christmas was absolutely amazing!! I know I grumbled the entire week before Christmas because I needed to find a decent red shirt (Red was the theme for the worship team this year) I looked everywhere! Inorbit, Shoppers Stop at Andheri,Westside at Infinity Mall, the whole of the Lokhandwala market. I didnt find a single good red Shirt! not one! I even picked up something that I really didnt like and which cost me a bomb btw.. which finally turned out to be more ‘plum’ than anything else.
Finally, on Christmas Eve I went hunting to Phoenix Mills, miles away from home.. *excuse the exaggeration but it did seem like that when i finally got home* And there I found something that could pass off as a shade of red. Still not Red but atleast in my size.. *sigh* That is a story for another day.

Christmas at home wasnt all that great. Mom went on a cooking and cleaning spree grumbling the entire time that there was no one around to give her a hand. And somehow I found myself spending most of the morning, washing clothes. Moms.. They have such a way with words. Lunch was good though. So I forgave her.

Evening came, and I walked into Church with my hair fresh from the parlour and in my almost red outfit. Service was awesome. There was a skit by the little people based on the Story of the prodigal Son. They were so adorable. I’m so proud of the fact that they remembered all those lines. Hats off to the people who worked behind the scenes and made it happen!
Then there was another skit in Hindi called ‘Bhoj’ meaning ‘burden’. Awesome again! The message was so clear! And they did such a wonderful job..

But my favorite part was the Christmas carols. This time was tough because we found out on Christmas eve that our drummer couldnt make it to the service because of a death in the family. Shannon came up with the idea of using the beats on the keyboard. When I first heard this, All I could think was.. We’re Doomed. We might as well
not sing at all.
But surprisingly it all turned out simply super! Shannon, Chris and Gaston had worked really hard the night before and well, it was great what they came up with!

26th Morning, Mom and Dad went on a short trip with pastor and the leaders leaving us on our own. Freedom!!!!
I was out the whole day.. First I went and collected my last salary and then we all went out to Fab India. Eben’s sister Ruby wanted to buy kurtas for everyone in her family.. or atleast the men..But we were such a wild crazy group. I’m surprised they didnt throw us
out. 🙂
And then that huge glass of Sugarcane juice! That was one whopping glass and only for 6 bucks!!! most of us couldnt finish the whole thing. Vio and Virginia finally came up with the idea of taking it home in a bottle. lol

I couldnt really feel the ground beneath my feet when I finally got home around 11 hours later. I didnt even shop for myself this time! I am so selfless! 😛

Mom and Dad are back today. I did hear them complaining about how messy the house was and things like that. how could I help it?? I was out being selfless remember?

Today, Oscar and I had the God-given opportunity to meet a fabulous person. *cannot mention name here* The few hours we spent with this person.. it really opened my eyes to the greatness of God and how often we take him for granted. God is truly mind-blowing.. he loves surprises and he has a great sense of humour!
I really want to put up pics from today.. especially of Oscar’s “special face” but we need permission first. As soon as that is cleared… 🙂

I cant believe 2007 is almost over. just a few more days left!
I started 2007 with so many hopes and so many resolutions.. most of which didnt last the second week.
But I’m believing things will be different this time.
And this year something is going to happen and its going to be good. I just know it!

*so excited*