Yesterday felt like the longest day ever.. I had my brand new hairdo to show off.. got a lot of mixed reactions from people.Those of you who didnt like it.. well, you can go fly a kite! :p
Plus I did a lot of work.. Atleast I think I did!
I really wanted to rush home as soon as possible because I had to be at YMCA for their Christmas program.. and I wanted some time to practise before I left. My cousins convinced me that I could play the keyboard and sing along. It wasnt a complete disaster considering I had only started practising the day before.. In fact it went much better than expected. I got out of there before I could get any feedback from people. lol.. But its such a challenge to sing along while you’re focusing on getting your chords right.. But its over. and thats what I’m glad of. 😀

Just before the meeting started we got a call from my Uncle..

I’m an Aunt again!!!!

Subi and Beena had a baby girl yesterday. Naturally we had to drive all the way to Haji Ali to see the little angel. Subi was there being the perfect brand new father plus doting husband and Beens looked exhausted.. No names have been decided yet. 😦 
Hmm.. maybe I can convince them to name her after me.. 😀

I dont have much else to say.. So I’m going to leave you with some stuff I found while looking through my favorite blogs..
Beni on Relationships.  
Paras is back with some really funny stuff on my favorite topic- Bollywood! he even mentions Himmesh!!!! Part I & Part II
Oscar’s got some good stuff here. My breakthrough is on the way!

Happy Weekend!