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Its only the second week of December and i’m already so packed with some event or get together or party or college events, church events, crusades, practises, Birthdays, Christmas Shopping..
My Dad will be here in the next week.
Sheila should be here in a few weeks. *pleads with God*

2 weeks til Christmas! I dont know why I’m so excited about Christmas this year!
10 days til I’m unemployed again. 😦
2008 is going to bwe absolutely marvelicious! *Almost everything about me has to do with food*
I’m craving Chaat..
Pani puri, dahi puri, ragda.. mmm.

 Busy busy busy me!


Sunday was a huge surprise.. in a lot of ways. Firstly, Justin went through my messages and figured out that I was on a mission to make his 19th bday really special. He played along til about 7.15 pm on sunday after which he started to get a little restless. Even he knew the party was supposed to start at 7.30. We couldnt start till about 8 something.. Coz’ Oscar got a little late getting the girls over. There has been so much talk bout this already.. Im not going to get into details. I forgive you oscar!
We were such a noisy group.. all of us in our Christmas hats (Virgin didnt find party hats, so she bought Santa hats) that Justin heard us all the way up on the fourth floor. Lol.
We walk in and he comes out saying ‘I knew you guys were coming’  He is such a party pooper! And we were so disappointed that he went back in and came out again all ‘surprised’! lol.. It was so fake!
The party was good. I was really worried that people wouldnt get along and that there would be long awkward moments of silence. But it was good. we sang, laughed, made a lot of noise *the neighbours can go fly a kite.. Don’t get me started on what I went through during Diwali* and the food was good too. *hugs Mom*
Inspite of being completely ‘unsurprised’ Justin was really touched. After Dinner, we sat and each one told Justin what he meant to them..Almost everyone repeated that they somehow couldnt believe that Justin and I were related! lol.. its not my fault y’know!
Justin in turn told everyone what each person meant to him and he came to me and said that he would miss me when I left next year and thats when it hit me.. I wouldnt be there for his birthday next year. I wouldnt be home for my birthday next year! I feel like everything I do this year has to recorded. I have to remember. Memories are what i build my life on. 🙂

The actual surprise for Justin was when we announced just as everyone was leaving that Justin would soon be getting a new bike! That really shocked him! He didnt know what to say.. All he can talk about now is Mileage and power and some cc stuff and Splendour, glamour and Engines. *rolls eyes* Boys!

All in all… A good day.
I was glad to give him a birthday to remember…He actually sent me a thank you message! lol..