As usual, I have been upto nothing. Just being crazy as always.
Sunday night, oscar and I went for the ‘Youth Alive’ meeting at Faith City Church. It was VT and we got there quite early. Ashwini was there with one of her students, Diwas. He’s.. uh… nice in a little kid kind of way. Annoying little kid that is. Lol.. but fun to be with.
Anyway, we really wanted to see Eben on the drums. *I havent had a chance to see him play live before and I thought he was great*

Ashwini has a testimony that I’m hoping she will share so i wont have to ruin it for those who werent there. If you’re reading this- PUT UP A NEW POST!

After the meeting, Osc and I met Violet and her sister Virginia. Now this is the first time I’m meeting Virginia.. *or Virgin as I call her* but I finally found someone as crazy as me. Well almost.. For instance, The two of us had a heated discussion with Oscar that Ronald McDonald was a real person. and we won! Coz’ when we got to McD’s there he was… sitting on a bench.. waiting for us. Naturally we had to take pics to prove his existence to those other unbelievers. At McD’s Virgin and I asked one of the guys to bring us one of the “crowns” they were giving out to kids and eventually everyone got so jealous that Virgin and I were two amazingly beautiful princesses that they grabbed the extra crowns. *I was actually going to take one home for justin. His happy b’day is coming up* Oscar actually put a crown on too. *no man points to you for that one Oscar*
We walked from VT to Churchgate station. That side of M’bai is so pretty at night. Not as pretty as the Queen’s Necklace.. but pretty still. I picked up ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ finally. Got it off the street for 60 bucks. Turns out Virgin and I have similar taste in books as well. *Crown still on head*

We went home like that in the train with the crowns on. Laughing at the top of our voices. Talking. Being young. Making plans for a trip to Goa. How come that’s where we always want to go?!

There was a lot more that happened..Violet decided that she and Paras were over and Eben was her true love. Half an hour later, Eben discovered that somewhere between McD’s and Churchgate station they had gotten married. Lol. That was one crazy night..

Monday morning was back to work as usual. I had to do another recording in the evening. I thought it turned out well. I’ll just have to wait and see how it turned out. *crosses fingers* hey if its not too bad then that could be Justin’s b’day gift. Aren’t I the bestest older sister in the world?!

20 days to Christmas! fa lala lalala la la la