It’s still so difficult to believe that this year is coming to an end. There were a lot of things that went wrong this year and I could go on about it but I’ve learnt the blessing that comes with thanksgiving and the joy that it brings the Father’s heart. My list of reasons to thank will come probably by the end of the year. Still believing for something phenomenal!

I was so blessed at worship practice today. I think of the five years I’ve spent under Shannon’s leadership. We’ve grown up from being a team of people who barely knew how to spell music… to being a family of people who love God and want to see Him glorified. Music is something that flows from a place of knowing him. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I have to leave this little family of mine…
Today was so beautiful. As we worshipped we were reminded of the love of God. Love so pure and true. Love that does not demand. Love that never condemns… but always accepts. And then Shannon spoke to us on being like little children. I was sitting there almost jumping out of my seat because he was sharing on the same lines as the post I had put up earlier.
There’s something about children that’s so irresistible. They think from their heart. Not their head. That’s why its easier for them to trust and love. The heart and the head. That’s the difference between a Pharisee and a little child.
Guess who got to heaven! 😀

This will be my last month at my current job. After that, well… not too sure right now. But I’m praying that I would be led to right place and in a job that’s more…um… Me.
This job was fun. I love my colleagues and my managers. There were a few annoying people but then… they’re everywhere. They’re probably taking over the world or something. Lol. But it’s not what I really want to do. Too personal to talk about on a blog.

I’ve been in that weird phase where a lot of couples around me are expecting a baby or are waiting to get married and that sort of sends me into that crazy mood where I’m complaining about the fact that I’m not married yet. Its crazy coz’ the moment Mom even brings up the topic, I run out of the room screaming that I’m staying single till I’m 30. I can’t explain it. Maybe I just enjoy upsetting my mom. What kind of sadist am I?


24 days to Christmas
21 days till I’m unemployed again.
27 days *fingers crossed* till Sheila gets here.

December is here.