For a long time I’ve thought of changing the name of my blog from ‘Contagious Joy’ to something that went with my actual state of mind. I was anything but joyful.
Worried. Stressed. Envious. Jealous. Angry… etc etc. Nothing close to joyful.
But I held on.. Because its not just another name for me. That name is special. Something that God put in my heart before I started this blog. So inspite of me being my crazy self.. I kept the name.
Today, I knew God was filling me with that joy once more. There’s just something about me and Joy. I’m not me without it. That joy I know I wont find in the funniest book or movie or by spending time with my favorite people.
That joy is in that secret place with God.  Just the two of you. Its a little hard to find.. especially if you havent been looking for a while.
But its there.