Doesnt life really put you through too much sometimes?

you wonder if its worth all the trouble.

And then you think of one smile, that last hug and eyes moist with tears and you think maybe things arent that bad after all.

Sometimes I think Im the only one like me.

But then you find that everyone else is pretty much the same too. But they keep moving.
And so should you.

 I imagine myself talking to my little girl.. someday. Telling her all that she needs to know to face the world. A part of me is afraid that she’ll make the same mistakes that I did. A part of me is afraid she wont. Mistakes teach you a lot. The most important lesson is that everyone deserves a second chance.

Giving yourself that chance. Letting yourself learn from mistakes.
That takes patience and humility.

Its easy to curse God and give up.
Harder still to wait in silence while He speaks.

Second chances are God’s forte. He always has that basket full. Coz’ he knows how frail and childlike we are.

There we go. Back to the basics.
Be like a child.
What does that really mean?
Does it only refer to trusting the way a child does? Or is it something more?
Like loving the way a child does. No strings attached.
Could there be more?

I dont know.. I need more time with the Father for that.

Thankful for these simple truths.