Today was such a topsy turvy day. Started out like every other but got a little messed up at the end. I couldnt stay home coz’ that would mean sitting in my room crying.. So I went for a walk. For some reason all my walks lead me to Landmark. [At this point I have to add, Gaston thought that the Landmark was the same one close to his place.. a BAR.. and so being the concerned brother that he was he ordered me to go back home at once. That made me laugh so hard] For the less informed, Landmark is my favorite bookstore.. I like to go there once in a while and pick up a book I want to read but cant afford.

I got there and headed straight to the Romance section. *My life is stuck somewhere between the Romance and Comics section* Anyway, I picked up ‘A walk to remember’ and read on for almost two hours. I dont what to say. I think for once I like the movie more than the book. But I havent got to the end yet so ill just wait. But I know now why Mandy seemed so annoying.. The character is so annoying.. Mandy wasnt close. But its still a great story.

This post seems a little confused.

Lunch today was at Noodle Bar. Awesome food. We have to go there once you get back Sheila.. My treat! 😀

Im supposed to be on a diet. LOL..

My head’s still a little muddled and I have to get to work tomorrow. So thats all for now.

Be good.
Look both ways before crossing the road.
And dont talk to strangers.
unless they offer to take you to Noodle bar and buy you cheesecake afterwards.

somewhere in the middle of here and there,