Its been a while since my last post. And I havent come up with any convincing excuses, so Im not going to bother.  🙂
This past week has been really busy. Dad was home for about 10 days but I didnt get as much time with him as I would’ve wanted. Work and church and my keyboard. Im lost somewhere in the middle of these three.

Yes, My keyboard has finally begun to see the light of day. This time its because I want to. No one’s forcing me. My parents arent threatening me. Nothing..
Something I want to keep with me. I love singing along while Im playing. I always thought that was complicated. To really sing while playing.. But its not that bad.. and Eventually if I get good at this, Maybe Ill pick up the guitar or something. Who knows?
Life seems full of possibilties now.

I watched ‘A Walk to Remember’ again. What a beautiful movie.. Although I thought Mandy Moore was annoying. The movie was just… perfect. Its so important to just wait sometimes. Love will find you in the most unexpected places. 
‘A Walk to Remember’ is going down on my list of books. 

Speaking of lists, Im going to sit down and make a list of everything I want to do or see in my life. Lol.. Maybe the movie inspired me more than I thought it did. And I believe that desires don’t go unfulfilled when you partner with a Father like mine.

Like the way he brings old friends back. The right time. Perfect way.

Contemplating the beauty of life, love and friendship,