I had such a great time last night and I woke up this morning sick. Sheesh.. What is that??! Laugh too much and you’ll be in pain later?!
Anyway, Mom was supposed to get here tomorrow. But she isnt coming. I’m not really sure why though..
But its a problem because-
1. I suck at housekeeping. My house looks terrible. There’s clothes everywhere. A suitcase in the middle of my room. Books all over the place. And a brother who only eats and sleeps.
2. I’m running out of cash. Mainly because of my excessive cell phone usage and ordering food in. Mom yelled at me for that.
3. I’m sick!!! I want her home.I want her to take care of me… but I didnt tell her that. Oh and Mom yelled at me for getting sick too.. Like I asked for it!

Anyway, the movie last night was awesome. You have to watch it- ‘The Loins of punjab presents’. Its about this ‘Desi idol’ contest held in New Jersey.Just brilliant! 
One things for sure.. Indians are crazy no matter where they go.

Oscar made some really interesting statements last night.. which I think will take me some more time before I put it up here. I need Pazzy’s help.

I think I’l complain about my life to Princess Oscar. For those of you who dont know thats his new name. Osci the Princess of Weirdom!

I have no idea whats wrong with me.