My weekend was so packed. I feel like a weekend should have at least three days instead of two. One day to recover.

Since the exams are finally over.. I can finally go out with Oscar, Eben and Paras/sexy stranger *lol*. The next two days are movie nights. I will sacrifice rest and set aside the responsibility of managing a house and watch movies! I think we’re planning on watching ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and maybe ‘Ocean’s Twelve’. *sigh* Daniel Ocean… Im seriously considering changing my name to Elizabeth Ocean. Sounds .. *sigh*

I really have to find some good girl friends to call up in the middle of the night. I dont think I can keep calling Oscar. Last night, I was so excited about something and all I got from his end was ‘uh-huh’ Sheesh.. Cant you like at least pretend to be interested?!!! So then, he asked me to start over and he responded with a ‘hee hee..ooh, aah, nice and some  more fake girl-ish laughter’ Any one else free around 12 am.. in case I have IMPORTANT news that cannot wait til morning! *Sheila, Come home.. Why do you wanna drive a plane??? I’ll let you drive my car*

I might finally get to meet an old childhood ‘enemy’ from Saudi.. I grew up hating this guy *he tried to drown me in a pool..He has no memory of this btw* but now he’s one of my closest online buddies. It would be great if he could come to M’bai coz’ it doesnt look like I’ll be stepping out of the city for a while. He did mention something about buying him flight tickets to M’bai from B’lore. I suddenly had this loss in my hearing abilities. I cannot explain it.

Ok, Important question.. just testing your General knowledge. Do not look up the answer.

Where is Manipal?
One hint- somewhere in India.
Leave a comment or if you’re not sure of the answer and do not want to be embarrassed just drop me an email..

Thats my Monday morning rant.. I’ll send you off to do something more productive with your life.