Less than a week left for mom to get back. I’ve realized that I’m quite hopeless when it comes to managing a house all by myself. I’ve got loads of clothes that have to washed by hand, dishes I left in the sink that I hope will be washed by the time I get home tonight. *Please God, visit Justin in a dream*

The only thing I can cook is… um… well… I can boil water really well and I can make ice!! My rotis are so hard that I can’t bite them, if I fry something I usually wait till its way past that golden brown colour and somewhere close to brownish black. And after all that Justin walks in home and says… ‘Oh, I’m not hungry. You eat it. I’ll just finish off that huge bottle of Pepsi’ Sheesh! It’s not toxic. It’s well cooked! There’s a difference! It’s usually takeout or stuff my aunt makes for us… I never realized how important family was! J
So, I’d appreciate if Mom came home soon. Dad can cook better than I can. So he’ll be fine.

I haven’t really written about the ‘wackos’ in my office and my manager was complaining about that.. So, I should write about them… just to give you an idea about what I go through here. Hehehh

First off, My Sales Manager, Juby… The first day of my training I found out that she and I are sort of related. My cousin married her childhood friend. Ok, Not exactly related… But it just opened things between us. I think she is THE best Manager I could’ve asked for. We have so much fun together. And I’ve learnt so much from her. *No, she does not have a gun pointed to my head right now* And I’m sure she has a lot of fun when I’m here. I know she missed me when I was in Saudi that week.

Next is the other manager, M. Ananth Cephas… What can I say about this strange man that could make him seem a little normal. *thinks hard* Oh well, At least I tried… 😀
This guy makes me laugh constantly with all his really sad jokes and those strange expressions. I’m always teasing him about something or the other. For everything I say, he says ‘Nonsense of the stupid of the Idiot’. Don’t ask me… I have no idea… oh and Sheila, he is from Tamil Nadu. He calls me ‘gundumani’… I think it means Short and stout… Hmpf! I should be calling him that.. to which he responds  ‘you Criminal [?] At least I’ve maintained my “body” the same way for the last few years… Nonsense of the stupid of the idiot’ Now, What do you say to someone like that?? His latest pastime is to link me up with weird men who are going bald *ugh* and who really need to lose some weight! Aiyooooo…

Sandeep… I can’t really define him. Initially I thought he didn’t like me. I soon dismissed that thought… Coz’ who wouldn’t like me?? I’m the nicest girl I know!
lol.. Anyway, He’s this really serious guy most of the time. Like a let’s work and not do anything that will make us look unprofessional kind of guy… and most of the time we let him get away with that but then it’s me… I have to act stupid at least once a day… I think he’s given up on me now… I’m the reason that Juby forces Sandeep and Ananth to have lunch from McD’s or some other equally expensive place. *Aren’t you glad you have me around Ju??*

There are a lot more namoonas… but these are the three I irritate the most and the three I have fun with the most. I never thought that work friends could be so nice! I love you guys!  

Signing off for the weekend,