I see WordPress has a new theme put up. I am so tempted… 😀

Whats been happening with me? Hmm.. Sometimes I wonder if I write only for Sheila.. since the rest complain that they listen to every single incident in my life atleast twice.. *Bonks Oscar on head*

For those who dont know.. Sunday afternoon I went out with Shannon (my worship leader) and his wife Farah. It was my birthday lunch *a little late*. The food was great.. The company even better. I’ve never really been out with just Shannon and Farah.. We talked about a lot. God, Church, Food, Married life, movies. I have to watch ‘Saving Pravate Ryan’ now!!!! But after all that I get home to find that something at lunch didnt really agree with me. I got sick and stayed home from work. I didnt eat anything from sunday afternoon to Mon afternoon! 24 hours!!!! So naturally I thought that I was fine.. and I ate. not much.. Just a burger, fries and a cheesecake. not much. Atleast i thought so.. and then *since my teeth were hurting after my visit to the ortho*.. I had icecream and steamed Chicken momos for dinner! How was I supposed to know that my tum tum couldnt handle it! Yes, I know I have strange eating habits…

I did go to work today. I don’t know.. I missed them too much. Sometimes its like being the part of a soap or a sitcom. People can be such drama queens.

Speaking of Drama Queens, Noah (2 yr old nephew) really brings the house down with his performance. Everytime he comes over or we go to his place, we spend like the most of one hour keeping up with him. He’s jumping, pointing out to cars or dogs or calling out to the watchman from his 3rd floor window. He’s named him ‘Watchman Mandey’ *his name’s actually Pandey* Or he’ll jump on to the bed, ask us to turn on the AC and then snuggle up into the “bedshit”. Occasionally he’ll turn towards the wall and say ‘I’m not talking to you’.. for no reason!  And when he has to leave he starts crying like we’re being forcefully taken away from him. “please me go Justin house.. please me go jusssstin house… pleeeease” Justin obviously cant walk out or let him go when he hears that pitiful wail.. But what’s he to do? lol

I’m still thinking about that new theme.

*Control yourself Christine*