I stayed up and watched Ocean’s Eleven for the 3rd time last night! That is one brilliant movie!!! Anyone else in love with Daniel Ocean?? Wouldnt it be cool to have a last name like Ocean.. That one’s going on my list. My list of things to do before I turn 31.

Why 31? Because I like it better than 30.

The first thing on my list is to go bungee jumping. I really wish I had company. Anyone but Oscar though..He might think its cool to jump without all the safety gear. He’s a scary little person.
Thanks to his accident, He has now come to realise that hitting a 90 on his bike might not be such a good idea. *rolls eyes*

Getting back to a better last name..
Christine Ocean sounds kinda weird though. Maybe I should change my first name too.. Any ideas?

Losing weight is also there .. somewhere.. on the list. 😛

I’m in the mood for another vacation. Oh yeah thats on my list too. A trip around the world!
Dont you just love how my titles have absolutely no connection to my posts?!! 😀