21. Isnt it supposed to feel different somehow? Lol.. 
At least I got this far..

All I did on my b’day was answer calls. I had no idea I had so many friends.. 😀 I never thought they’d remember. Orkut and Facebook zindabad. hehehh.

I did get a treat in the office.. Mmm. That cake was so yummy. *sigh* I had to fight for it though.

Ooh and I got pretty Dandia sticks with my meal at McDonalds yesterday. And then other people at the office decided they had to have one too. I feel like a leader!
Dandia sticks would have been useful to keep people away from the cake. If only I had gone to McD’s a day earlier.

I dont think I realized how important a mother actually is. It is so difficult for me to wake up in the mornings and prepare breakfast for Justin n me. I did manage to drag myself out of bed for 2 mornings and make something that looked a little edible. *I’m sticking to cold milk and cereal from now on* The kid needs some energy for his exam.. and then I go back to sleep and I dont wake up early enough to make breakfast for me. No coffee either. *My coffee is terrible anyway*.. I get to work sleepy, hungry and tired. Not really ready to face students each with their unique set of problems. I’m glad my co-workers are nice.. I dont have any trouble there. well, except for some people that I have to fight.. for cake. 😀

I’ll end here I think…
There, Oscar. I put up a new post. Happy now?