My last day here… I have such mixed emotions right now… I’m going to miss Dad so much. I just hope he’ll be coming home in December. Being here helped me realize why he had sounded so depressed over the last few months. People who he thought were his friends suddenly turned their back on him. No one calls to check on him… not even me. I’ve seen how people treat him. I didn’t expect people to be so cold and unforgiving. That’s the world…

Last night, Dad actually drove us to the nearest KFC outlet which was 45 mins away… simply because the one close to home had closed down for renovation. We drove all the way there and then drove all the way back for another 40 mins to eat in the comfort of our own home. Yes, yes, I know we’re a little strange. We were already upset about a lot of things and so we prayed and worshipped almost the whole way there and when we were on our way back this huge trailer just missed us by a couple of seconds.. Dad didn’t tell us anything then. When we found out this morning, it was almost like God was showing us how he would always protect us. I know Dad will be safe in the shelter of the Almighty.

The chicken didn’t taste all that great after all. 😦 But I didn’t have the heart to tell Dad.
At least that way I won’t bother him next time. *I hope*

It will be me and Justin on our own for a while. Mom will probably come back by the end of the month. This time I have to prove that I’m a responsible adult. This means cooking, cleaning, NO takeout, no extra junk food which makes sense since I would have to pay for all of it myself. The weight upon my young shoulders…. *sigh* 

But freeeeeeeedom!!! Oh wait… I have a job *sigh*

Coming home,