My flight is sometime tomorrow afternoon..and inspite of all the complaining and vows never to return.. i know I will be back. Each time being here teaches me something. Something to think about, laugh, cry. Memories. What are we without them?
Last night, we had the dinner.. about 14 people including us. It wasnt perfect but that was mainly because one guy showed up drunk and then he was acting strange. Once he left it was much much better. I had fun with my nephews and nieces. I love being an aunt! They’re are such adorable children.

Oh how I miss Noah. I think I’m happiest when I’m around children. watching them laugh.. getting them to play with you.

I saw something on TV about this lady who had 8 kids, her youngest had Down’s Syndrome.. *Now if you have mallu parents then isnt a big thing.. Quite normal for our parents to have about 5 sisters and 4 brothers*
but I really wouldnt mind having so many. I know its easy for me to say that all the way on this side. never taken care of a kid. I dont even like taking them to the bathroom.. but I love kids.

Anyway, got to do some last minute shopping.

Still from the KSA,