Its only been four days and I’m already tired. I want to go back to everything God is doing back home.
I cant be around people who think of God as a reason to waste another evening. I look at their lives… amazed that there are people who exist who call on God one minute and the very next talk about how it is impractical to believe what the Bible says.
I’ve had it. I’m frustrated. Don’t care anymore.

Unbelief. How can anyone not believe in the power of God? Especially when you’ve seen the wonders He’s done with your own eyes… Impractical??!!! How in the world can you say that? Who defines normal and practical anyway??!


I want to go back in time and meet Elijah or one of the apostles. How did they deal with human beings?


I miss being in my own church… where people are appointed as leaders. They dont just assume it and where there arent more than one people “leading” at one time… Argh!!!


worn out,