I have a sudden urge to blog every couple of hours.. maybe its coz’ I’m so disconnected from everyone else back home.

Home… Sound strange sometimes to describe India that way. Growing up, I could not tolerate long vacations in India.. it was humid and dirty, and people always seemed like they were looking down on you. All we did was visit a lot of relatives most of whom I wouldnt know if I passed them on the street. It also meant Archies.. Loads and loads of Archies.

That was India. and today I couldnt bear to think of Saudi as home. I can tolerate it for a while. but then I have to go home..back to freedom, back to walking around the city, back to colours other than black, back to church, back to college/work… back to my friends. Home. My land.

Anyone in the mood to get up and sing Vande mataram? 🙂

I am discovering some cool things about Saudi though.. Like even on a busy road, the men will stop their cars just to let a woman cross.. I checked this to see if mom was just making it up.. I tried to confuse this one driver by pretending to cross and then turning back like I didnt know whether I should.. and the poor guy stopped and waited patiently for me to make up my mind. He didnt even give me a dirty stare.
Nice. I like that. I feel powerful.

Justin got a chance to drive Dad’s new Corolla. He looked so happy behind that wheel. Not having to bother with gears. I think he’d pick up a job in saudi as a driver just to be able to drive at a 120. Men! 

At times like this… I think of how quickly we grow up. I dont even remember a lot of my childhood anymore…I dont think I ever imagined that justin would drive or I’d have a job. All we cared about was cartoon and books and strange games we made up to amuse ourselves… like everyday I’d pretend to be a world famous cook and bake potatoes or dress Justin up in my clothes… for some reasons he seems to have wiped out every instance of that from his mind… oh for lack of a digicam!

Doesnt life seem to be picking up speed? I’m almost 21… and it just doesnt feel right.

Shouldnt I be dressing up for school at 6 tomorrow? I wonder what Mom’s going to put in my lunchbox? I hope there’s something with chocolate… mmm.. I have to figure out a way to get Justin to give me his icecream tomorrow. Which trick should I use tomorrow? Didnt dad promise to take us to the zoo this weekend?? I have to whine the whole week or he might forget..

And life goes on…