I leave for Saudi tonight! I am so excited… mainly because I get a week off from work. 😀
I never knew work could be so tiring… All I do is sit around and goof off. Pretty much like College except I get paid!Ahh.. the simple joys of life! 🙂

One thing I will not miss is the Rain. Can you believe its still raining here?!!! Its the LAST week of Sept… It shouldnt be raining now. The skies are confused. Maybe they run on a different calendar.

It was raining so hard this morning that the usual 10 min trip from home to the office took me almost 40 mins.. I had to walk for a while and then got onto a bus while managing to almost lose one shoe in the process.
*Do I always have to do such strange things in public??*

I did my first recording on Monday. Pretty exciting.. The only thing is.. I put on a really bad accent when I sang the first time.. Its not my fault. I was singing along with Marty Sampson. 😛 But it doesnt sound all that bad with music.

Oscar had a bike accident on Monday night. Scared the hell out of me. But he’s fine. If he hadnt worn that helmet… Too scary to think about. I’m just glad he’s safe.
Make sure to give him a call.

There’s so much i want to write about. Its just that sometimes a blog just might not be the best of places. My emotions are diving me up the wall.. I cry when I should happy. Laugh when I should cry. Anyone else going thru something simlar??

It will probably be a while before I can put up a post. I will miss my blog.

See y’all in a week