Yesterday was awesome! From the beginning of the service to the end. Simply amazing.

excpet for one thing…I managed to make a total fool out of myself! 

King of Fools is starting to make sense now. hahaha
Pastor was praying for people and we had to keep running around to make sure that the people who were being prayed over didnt fall to the ground. Stand behind them and gently lay them on the floor. Simple enough.
So there I was behind this lady who was.. a little *ahem* well built.. Me and Tejal stood right behind her. She fell. On top of me. I had to struggle for awhile under her. I was so embarrassed that I even considered pretending I was hit by the presence of God. But I already had such a goofy smile on my face. It had to be me. I got out from under her in one piece.. I am so sure Tejal is going to be telling everyone this story for years.
*Why God, Why??* My back still hurts.

Got back home and sat down to finish watching the final episodes of LOST. *thank you Yusuf* And it left me kind of depressed. not what I expected. Still looking forward to the next season though.

My braces should be coming off in about 3 months. Has to be the best news I’ve heard in months. I dont even remember what I looked like a year ago.. 😛
My china doll face! I cant wait.

To everyone who was sweet enough to wish me for my birthday.. Its not for a couple of weeks. I decided to complain a little early this year. Thanks anyway! 🙂