Last night, I saw my first Twenty20 Cricket match between India and South Africa… and what a match!! I have no idea who most of the players are but they are so good!! Definitely the best match I’ve seen in a while *I missed Yuvraj’s super game the night before* I think these guys have proved that they can win with or without the oldies. I say ‘Out with the Old and in with the young’ These guys are so much better at the game. Gives you a reason to actually waste time and watch it.
I feel kinda bad for
South Africa coz’ they didn’t even make it to the Semis.. Oh well.
I can’t wait for
India’s match against Australia this Sat.
*Go India*

          The past two weeks have been filled with the strangest kind of dreams and what with all the ‘You’re old enough to get married’ talk… I’m really starting to freak out…
Am I really that old?
Doesn’t life just begin at 21?
Somebody help me out here…

          My 21st Birthday and I’m going to be all alone. Someone decided it would be a good idea to start with college exams on the Day and keep them going on for two weeks until I’m so bored that I don’t want to celebrate anymore. My mom and Dad will be in Saudi. Justin will be busy preparing for his exams and He doesn’t exactly celebrate with me… Its more like.. Oh birthday. Good.. What’s to eat?
I miss Sheila. Even Yusuf isn’t going to be there.

           I want Cheesecake to drown my sorrows…

           Back to work,