Monday morning and I’m back at work.
Had a great weekend though.
Bought something for Dad with my own money! Feels great. Hope he likes it.

I like shopping for other people. Its fun to think of what they’d like or what they’d look good in. *sigh* reminds me of that gorgeous leather jacket I wanted to buy for…

Anyway, I helped Justin pick out stuff. I help him look civilized! 😀 You can thank me later Justin…

Yesterday, I made Banana Nut bread… really yummy. I’m so proud of myself. There is still some hope for me.

Have 10 days left before I get to Saudi. I am really looking forward to this. The luxury of sleeping in late, staying up late and reading, shopping, no buses, no rickshaws, no trains. No WORK! True bliss. J
And since it’s only for a week I’ll be home before I start to miss Mumbai too much.

Less than a month left for my 21st b’day. Had a lot of plans… but turns out the “kids” are busy with exams. Oh well. More cake for me.

I was so amazed at what Pastor shared yesterday. Something I’ve been reading for years but it never struck me. Jesus speaks to the people telling them not to worry about anything because God will take care of them. Then he made this statement-
“It is the Father’s responsibility to take care of the needs of the family. He will do just that.”
What a relief. We are so stupid to actually sit and brood over things.

Back to work.