• Skirts. They make heads turn wherever you go. *Even if it comes all the way down to your ankles* Everyone from your local chai-wala, the rickshaw walas, random people on the road, even women! so all you attention seekers, you know what to do.
  • My first Paycheck. I didnt know what to do with it. Even after my tithe and a cake there was still a lot left over. I gave it to Mom. 😛
  • The whole random people talking to me.. Its kinda weird.. Atleast they dont tell me their problems but they talk to me about their life, their experiences etc etc. Its even weirder when its someone who is a student. Anyone think I’m being hit on?!! What do you do in these situations?!!
  • Oscar. He’s plain weird sometimes. If I were to disclose half of the conversations we have, no one would ever talk to him. PIG.
  • The maid was nice enough to tell me more stories about the happenings in the Gents toilet. *why God.. Why??*
  • Wouldn’t it be cool to get a degree in Music?
  • I want to fly a plane. 😦
  • I am actually looking forward to spending a week in Saudi. I never thought the day wold come.
  • I think I stopped thinking a while back, so I’ll end here.