Pick our college because we are located in this beautiful city with wonderful people and all these amazing facilities and fantastic courses and we also provide you with blah blah and blah..
Sounds perfect. Except for one thing
You dont pick the college, The college picks you.

Right now, Im at a stage in life where I’m wondering why in the world our degree programs are only for 3 years and not 4. Who in the world thought of that?!!! Is this stupid way of making sure people dont leave the coutry.

Now before I go off on another one of my rants…

I’m grateful for God. I cannot even begin to imagine what I’d do if I didnt have him to run to each night. There He is.. my great big father..

Last night I had this thought- of Jesus on the cross, naked, bleeding, weak. and through that pain, I can almost imagine him smiling.. because HE sees the end. He knows his death would not just be the death of another martyr but His death would be much more- His death would mean Life to the world.
I know He smiled at me that day and What a smile it was!! Kept me alive for so long. 🙂