I’m alive.

I just had to remind myself.. its easy to forget sometimes. 

is this what a job does to you?
I drag myself out of bed each morning only to find myself thinking of when i can run back to it..
is this going to be my life forever? 
I knew I wasnt cut out for a 9-5…

Its actually not all that bad. it just gets tiring sometimes. but I’m really enjoying myself.. I love the people I work with.. most of them atleast. they’re fun and funny. hehehehh

But i miss being able to hang out with my friends. Its been so long. I dont really know whats happening in their lives. Everything’s so different now. Everyone’s so different now..
I miss paras the most.. Coz’ for everyone else i can just pick up the phone and have a random conversation..But with paras, you cant just talk to him on the phone or meet him online.. You have to meet him in person. even if its only for like 5 mins…
I miss you Paresh 🙂

In other news, I got my ielts score.. 8.5!!!! wooohoooooo!!!

I am so happy! Dad was so excited.. I dont think he slept properly for two nights.
My cousin was so happy for me that she said we should celebrate by going out for an early morning jog! *rolls eyes* I got out of that one real quick.. hehehehehh

Ceto says my writing is manic depressive. All who agree with him, stand on your head.
Aha! i knew it. NO ONE agrees with you ceto..
as punishment, you have been demoted from butterfly to pigeon. I shall only refer to you as Pigeon.

There.. another post that is so me!

When are we going to watch Ratatouille???? I even learnt to spell it!