Justin went for his first interview today. There was a test in college and he was one among all the people selected for the interview. He got his resume, cut his “long” hair and went (tie et al) all the way to Dockyard on a public holiday.
And when he got there??
They took all the candidates into a large hall and explained a 14 month computer course they taught that only cost 43,000 bucks.. Which would guarantee them a job..

How sick! I know this company- CMS. I can see them from my office window!

What made Justin really mad was that He had to cut his hair.. it took him like 5 months to get it to that length.

So if they come to your college and say something about interviews and job openings..
DO NOT GO! its a scam.. just like health insurance in the US! hehehe… Sorry Sheils.. I had to pull that one.

I miss being at home with no work to do. I’m not saying I don’t like my job. I do.. But i miss the luxury of waking up when I choose, of reading a book when I feel like it, of taking a longĀ  post-lunch nap, snacking between meals etc etc.
I’m also scared of the maid who cleans the office.. God save me if the cleaning liquid is over.. She grumbles about it for a day or two and then after that on the third day, she gives me a look. THE look. *brrrr*
And She comes and complains to me about the gent’s toilet and how dirty it is.. What in the world does she think I can do? Maybe I can move my desk closer to the toilets and note down who goes in, how long they take, did I hear them flush…

but otherwise, I’m having fun.. you know how you think that a job’ going to make a little bit more mature.. Nahhh..
I’m still the same person I am at college.. Ok, maybe I don’t sing and dance as much.. but I do enough. I do miss the bank holidays though.. like today.. when everyone else was at home.. sleeping..

I was at work.

working. *what a surprise, huh?*


I never stopped to think how much my parents must have hated it.. I got so mad at my mom when she quit working at the clinic.. She wanted to spend some time at home with her family.

I took it as – Argh!!! She’s invading my life!

Moms and daughters.. has to be the most complicated relationship on earth. We cant do without them and when they’re around.. we want them to leave us alone..
*i can almost see Sheila nodding her head*

I guess that should do for now.. I have to get to work tomorrow.