The post before this was supposed to be private. I wrote it and then i posted it as a pvt post and then for some reason my net went off and I couldnt check until today.
But thankyou for all the messages.. I dont think about it most of the time but there are times when I do and then I get upset… oh well…

Anyway, I have had an amazing day. We were at Khandala for our annual youth camp… and what a blast!! The place was so beautiful.. It was raining all day, so it was nice and chill. We had a great time learning God’s word and dealing with the different areas in our life where we were struggling.

God is so good. We spend so much time running away from him but He still waits and he doesnt get tired or irritated. And when we get back he’s still there waiting for us.

Pastor anointed us with oil and he managed to pour some of it into my eyes and on my glasses… so now I cant really see what Im doing. 😛

My IELTS exam was great! I loved it.. especially the speaking part. I blabbered on and on and on… It was almost like I knew the examiner for years. and I did get to the service on time.. well, towards the end of praise and worship… 🙂

I want to go to Goa.

I dont want to go to work tomorrow. I’m really really tired. *sigh*
I miss being in college… when I could bunk when I wanted to. Go when I wanted to.. Such freedom.

Ironically, today we celebrate 60 years of freedom.

happy independence day!!