Today is the day of the great IELTS exam.

I’m not all that nervous. I’m glad i spoke to Julie about her exam. She said I’d have fun giving it.  What a great thing to say before an exam. No one has even said that to me. It makes things a lot easier. But the fact that this is NOT a college exam and you cannot get away with being 10 mins late or sneaking your cell fones into the examination hall.. makes it a little scary.

I have to be at the World Trade Centre at Cuffe Parade before 12. *I know.. i know.. Bombay has such cool names.. Cuffe parade.. 😀 *

I asked oscar to wait for me and meet me after the exam is over *he is only two stations away* but he refused. he didnt even refuse politely. he just said NO. Sheesh.. Guess who’s not invited to my wedding!

my speaking test will be tomorrow morning. That means I’ll miss the service. I’m hoping I can rush back for the Word. *prays*

Sheila’s gone. I didnt get a chance to see her at the airport. I couldnt help it. Noah’s second bday comes only once a lifetime.. and with almost the whole family down in M’bai.. I had to be there.

*hugs sheila*

Sheila, yusuf, justin and Me did have one last dinner together. Aromas of China. beautiful… yusuf even tried to teach us to eat with chopsticks! i think i got it. But sheila has a lot to learn. 😛 Took a lot of weird photographs. Tried to make complete fools of ourselves.
Made sure I didnt cry. I thought I would in the car.. That was the last hug.. last hugs are always emotional. But we are strong arent we, sheils??
Now that I think about it.. Sheila and I have had such a crazy relationship.. We can go from not meeting each other for a year to meeting every single day. and even when we didnt speak for a couple of years… *sheila was training to be a “super cool” BuMM* when we finally did meet.. Nothing had changed. It was always the same. I think we both know that we understand each other at a different level.. There are times when I cant understand her at all *and vice versa*..
So, these next 6 months without her will be weird… I dont know any other girl I enjoy spending time with.. *Girls are usually mean.. hmm…. I think I’ll have to settle for Oscar*
But I know that even if we dont meet for the next 5 years.. We’ll still be the same friends we always were. I’m glad some things never change.

Off for my exam,