Its been so long since I’ve blogged that I’ve almost forgotten how! 😛There is a lot to talk about… don’t really know where to begin.

My job is good… Still getting used to it… Made a lot of mistakes. Haven’t sent the company into loss or anything though!
I was just starting to get used to traveling and working at b’vali… I even bought a first class pass, started going to the house church at b’vali because I couldn’t make it in time for my house church at andheri. Thursday night, I’m informed that I’ve been transferred to the andheri branch… I was happy… coz’ that meant that I could sleep for longer… And I’d have a better timing, 8-5. But I couldn’t help thinking about my 2 day old train pass. *sigh*

Oh well, Andheri’s a much better place to work. I like my co-workers. Pretty nice people… Most of them are mallus or can understand Malayalam. Very very important. I’ve been transferred at a very good time. Tuesday is my manager’s birthday, so I’m just in time for her party! 😀 good food!! Mmmm…

The funniest thing, My manager, Juby is actually good friends with my cousin’s wife’s… i.e Julie’s family. The families are so close that Juby’s older sister was named after my cousin (in-law) Julie! What a really small world!!!

Julie, Robin (my cousin) and their daughter Natalie are here from the UK on vacation. So great to see them again. Natalie’s blossomed into this beautiful 7 year old… I have to mention that because I don’t really know too many beautiful 7 year olds… They look kinda weird to me… I was a weird looking 7 year old… with my huge glasses and strange mallu clothes! Anyway, Julie’s not gained even an ounce of weight. She looks so great…. I’m proud of her but also upset that I cant control myself the way she does. Natalie has the sweetest little accent… I did tease her about it and she did get a little offended. J I wonder if she knows what offended means.

Dad’s short holiday is over. He leaves tonight… I really don’t know what to say bout his time here. We spent a lot of time arguing. He thinks I’m rude. I think he’s old-fashioned. Its not that I don’t love him. I do. Both of us don’t know how to express that. I don’t remember the last time we sat down and talked about life. I wish I could tell him everything about me… but somewhere I don’t think he’d understand. I’d probably just end up hurting him more. We’ve just been away from each other for too long and I don’t know how to bridge the gap. We’re both guilty about it. I wish I knew what I could do.
I miss being a little girl. When you could just be yourself, do what makes each other happy. Play, laugh, cry. Why does all that change once you grow older? People always say that father’s are closest to their daughters. I wish it was true for me.

My IELTS exam is on Sat and the speaking test is on Sunday..Which means that I’m going to miss the service on Sunday . L I hope I do well.. I know its just an English exam but any kind of test scares me. Even when I have to audition for a choir and I know that whether you can sing or not, they will choose you, I’m still sitting there tensed. Lets see how this one goes.

Today is Friendship Day. I don’t really know the significance of it. especially in college. You’re with your friends every single day. I think they know by now that you like being with them.
At church, we decided it would be a good time to bring our friends to church and introduce them to Jesus. I didn’t get a chance to invite anyone… mostly because I’m tired of the excuses people give. That’s my excuse. That’s a totally different topic all together. I will not elaborate on that here.
Pranati invited xerksis… we were in the same class for a year when I was doing my BSc. We sort of lost touch when I shifted to BA. But I met him before the service and he was the same guy I knew in college. Even after four years.

At least that’s what I thought. I could not have been… uh… wronger?! Lol
There he was standing with his hands lifted up. Worshipping. Praying. Talking to God. I still can’t believe it. I ran to meet him after the service. He told me that God’s been trying to get his attention for over a year and he promised to keep coming to church. *yay* I still have a lot to learn bout what he’s been up to.
Meeting old friends… On ‘friendship day’. Haha.

Pastor Dwayne Weehunt was sharing this morning on the friendship of God. God is so faithful. He actually listens to those small, seemingly insignificant prayers that you make. He’s concerned about the little things in your life. Not just the life and death situations.
While he was talking about the love of God that led him to sacrifice Jesus for us… he picked up this scripture.
Rom. 5:6-8
6-When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners.
7-Now, no one is likely to die for a good person, though someone might be willing to die for someone who is especially good.
8-But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.

Pastor was talking about how even though we didn’t deserve it Jesus died for us. An unworthy, wicked, ungrateful bunch of people. Most of the time, I find myself taking the cross for granted… Like it was his responsibility to die it for us. Like he had no choice.
But he did. He chose me.  He chose you. He chose the cross.
And just for that, he deserves all that I am. All that I have.
Coz’ anything less than that would fall short.

Speaking of old friends… Sheila’s leaving for the US on Wednesday. I won’t see her for 6 whole months. She’ll come back a pilot without a weird accent… If you do, I’ll smack you hard on the head and send you back. We’ve known each other for almost 8 years. My oldest friend in M’bai. I’ll miss her. We understand each other. Most of the time we don’t even have to speak. We know what we mean.
I’ll miss you Sheila . I’ll miss our pointless conversations. I’ll miss brainstorming to solve our never-ending problems. I’ll miss our sleepovers. They have to be the greatest in the world! I’ll think of you every time I play Scotland yard
Don’t cry… I’ll see you soon. Actually, cry a little bit… it’ll make me feel important.  
Get me stuff. And don’t forget to send me a birthday gift.

I hope this long post will do for now.

Until I blog again,