Things seem to be working out. I got a job! my first one! Its not exactly what I wanted but I think I will enjoy it for now.. 🙂
I’m just grateful to God that he is taking care of things now.
Its a family disease. We love to worry.. My mom,Dad,Justin and me.. all of us love worrying.. Its like a hobby. lol..
It takes a lot of effort for me to stop thinking and worrying about something. My usual remedy is to sleep. I just block it from my mind but the problem then is that I end up dreaming about the situation and usually wake really upset.

Going to God with my problems takes effort. Its not that I dont trust him.. I do. But somewhere down the line I seem to have got the notion that I have to do something about the problem and if I cant deal with it then the least I could do is worry. 😛

My first day at work was ok.. Im hoping for a lot of changes and God willing I’ll get them.

There’s actually a lot more happening but Im too tired to write about it at present..
Maybe later.

I’m actually going to earning money… for meeeeeeee!!!