Even though no one asked I think it is time for a new post. I have to kep this blog updated for me.. and Sheila! 😛

So Sheila, the great friend that she is, bought me Scarlett as a going away gift!!!! I dont know whether its coz’ she’s going away or I’m going away.. But thankyou thankyou so much!! You’re my favorite friend. 😀

I met Hozefa this sunday and we had a good time together. Met him after 4 years.. thats a long time. Im happy to say that he hasnt changed. Maybe a little bit here and there.. but He’s still hozefa. Quiet. Dependable. Solid as a rock. 🙂 And a pretty good writer! I felt really bad that I couldnt stay longer than an hour.. *I had to meet Shannon, Diana and Chris) and I felt worse when Shannon was late by almost half an hour! But we’ll meet soon hozi.. I promise!

Sunday was otherwise a pretty bad day.. or atleast it started off really bad. Mom and I got into a huge fight before we left for church. She kept saying that I didnt have time for her and I spent too much time with my friends.. and she used examples that were over four years old!! Four years! There’s a huge difference between 16 yr old me and 20 year old me! Anyway, I was too mad to even go for the service.. I went on my own. Walked around looking upset. Maju actually had to tell me to smile while I was singing. And then she gave me a hug and that made me feel a little better. 🙂
Mom managed to get the car scratched before making it to church.. and obviously that was my fault even though I was nowhere close to the car.. Moms! I do not understand them. But we sorted out our problems. Shirley had a pretty long talk with me on working out my problems with mom. Things are much better now.

I helped her out with work at home. Today, I spent the entire day with her… shopping for food and other stuff. For those of you who stay in Andheri you have to check out ‘Le Marche’ at Oshiwara. Its a pretty awesome mall with loads of stuff.. at good prices. I saw cute t-shirts and kurtis but Mom thinks I have too many clothes.. *rolls eyes*
And the kitchen section with all the pots and pans and cups and saucers and plates… pretty darn Good! lol.. Im spending too much time with Mom maybe.. lol

Ooh, I have a secret!!!!! I just heard something that has got me super excited! and I feel priveleged that I’m one of the few who know! HA! Im not going to mention names.. locations.. nothing….Im going to pray along with a friend. and then! *wheeeee* 
I’ll be yelling ‘i told you so’ all over the place! 

Dad’s coming tomorrow. I am so so glad. I really miss having him around. And this time I didnt ask him to get me anything. No chocolate. No icecream *still laughing about that*
i just want him home.. him and all his crazy rules.. “asking” me to make him tea all day..i want it all.. I’ve missed it for so long.

Thats all for now.

p.s- Title courtesy Justin.