*Only coz’ Sheila asked so sweetly.*

I was offline for the past few days.. all thanks to my dear brother.. He reformatted the comp or something like that. Yes yes I know.. I should be grateful to him for all the help..
*rolls eyes* How can you be grateful to someone who is always so grumpy?!!! he always seems like he’s in a bad mood whenever he talks to me. He started to give some of that today.. I just do what I normally do.. walked off.. Didnt even bother to look back. If he doesnt care about me.. neither do I.

Anyway, back to more happier stuff.. I have been spending time in Landmark this past week. The store’s so nice and so cool on these hot “rainy” days. Just find a spot and read.. mmm… I’ve been reading stuff that I normally wouldnt.. Like Spiderman Loves MaryJane. 😛 It is so CUTE! *my vocabulary is so sucky sometimes* but I really cant think of any other word.. I went back to finish it to see if she MJ ever goes out with Peter.. and.. Well, I wont ruin it for the rest of you. 🙂
I was also checking out Manga and reading can be quite confusing sometimes because its from right to left.. but it sorta reminded me of Arabic in school * which I was extremely bad at btw..) and I had no idea that they had chick manga.. It is soooo hilarious!!!
And.. hold your breath now.. I found what I had been looking for.. all that hunting in all those book stores, online, asking friends… I finally found Scarlett!!!! For the less informed.. its the sequel to the Gone With the Wind. *sigh* I love that book. I love Rhett. and even though Scarlet doesnt deserve him.. I still want to see them get together.. which I’m hoping is what will happen in this book. *crosses fingers*
So til I can come up with the money to buy the book without asking Mom for it.. I will be spending a lot of time at landmark. And heaven help anyone who takes the book away from me. *ROAR*

Thinking a lot about women who get played so easily by men over and over again. You see them go through it once.. help them on their feet.. hoping they wont get into the same mess again. But thats all you can do.. Hope and Pray.

I’m thankful that she can finally see clearly.. Im afraid that she’ll get hurt again. but she has me for a friend. and I’ll be here the whole time. Praying. 

Celebrating Freedom.. *those of you know what I’m talking about.. 😀 *