We did it. We finally watched the movie. I sat thru two hours of Himmesh.. im sorry.. HR. There were times when I wanted to get up and run out of the theatre screaming! But I made it. Im alive. I’m so proud of us.. Especially Paras. He watched the horrible thing twice!

The story.. if you could call it one.. is about the life.. actually two weeks in the life of India’s greatest rockstar Himmesh Reshammiya a.k.a HR.  *stops Oscar from jumping off a bridge*. HR is on tour in Germany for his “awesome” show *which we missed because we got there late*. After the Show, the police take him away as he is the accused in the murder of a German news Reporter, Nadya Merchant. *That was the time we got to the theatre*.

From the moment we entered the theatre, the movie didnt make sense. It just didnt. There was no flow. Just random scenes. One minute He’s in Germany crying over the fact that his girlfriend is getting married to someone and then suddenly He’s in India singing and “dancing” with her. Then within a day he manages to solve the entire mystery of who killed the girl and why he was being framed. And let me just kill the story for you. The killer was some bald guy wearing a Himmesh mask, cap et al! Can you believe that?!!! A mask that looked exactly like him! ahhahahahahhahahahaha.. What a joke!

We still dont know why he wears a cap or why he laughed like that at a “joke” and why he seemed to be more in love with his best friend than with the beautiful Riaa?! There was a moment when we thought HR would lean in and kiss him! There was a 3 second scene of him without a cap but we still dont know what He was trying to hide under the cap! There was also this bit where he drinks for the first time and does this whole Im-so-drunk Dance. Heck.. I act better on a daily basis and I dont even drink! *sugar high*

And the music.. Oh my Goodness… Can you imagine that awful nasal voice in that tiny theatre?! Ouch! That had to be the worst part of the movie.

Mallika Sherawat didnt even have a role in the movie. She was a cross between a ‘lawyer’ and a bar dancer. Awful.. simply awful. Hansika was ok. Nothing great. She’s just a child. And there are moments in the movie when that is so evident! His best friend and his girlfriend Baani were like props in the movie. They were just there shouting out random dialogues expecting us to understand what they were talking about.

The great thing about the movie are the BMW’s… There were so many! I think Oscar enjoyed it the most.. He was so amazed at the way Himmesh was driving that car in that chase scene. I looked at him and he was sitting there with his mouth wide open.. And He kept imagining that he saw Chipmunk everywhere. *name changed to protect Oscar* What is Justin going to think?! tsk tsk.

The weirdest thing was that there were three policemen in uniform sitting behind us!! They left after the first half.. lol.. Maybe they couldnt stand that we were laughing.. especially at all the inappopriate moments. What were we supposed to do?! There he was on the screen telling his girlfriend how much he loved her.. while managing to look constipated the entire time! Thats comedy all the way! 😀

I have only one thing to say in conclusion-
Where there is Faith, there is No Fear! 
Jahan hai bharosa, wahan darr nahin *finally.. got it!*

Hey Sheila, Wanna go watch it again?

Stop jumping. I was kidding. Im not going to do that to myself again.
Let’s go watch Transformers instead. 🙂