Good morning! Im up bright and early! Which is surprising coz’ I didnt sleep well most of last night. I think Sheila cursed me. But anyway I was up at 5 to pray. New rule in Church. Turns out people arent praying enough. Let me rephrase that.. Turns out people arent praying at all.

Im not pointing fingers. Im not judging anyone. Its just that I know for a fact if I dont pray God’s not going to wait.. He’ll just go on ahead and I’ll just be left wondering where I went wrong. Its not like I’m indispensable. He can do without me..

So anyway.. praying is such a struggle sometimes. You’re saying something but your mind is somewhere totally different. You have the strangest thoughts. Like today, in the middle of praying I had a sudden “desire” to clean the toilet. You know.. help Mom out a bit.. This is the same me who could sleep through her yelling at me to pick my clothes off the floor.
I’m so grateful for the grace of God. 🙂

Apart from that, I realized that it is possible for life to get crazier.. just when you think that it has reached the Limit for Crazy.. Surprise surprise.. Down we go again!

So the Taj Mahal has made it once again as one of the seven Wonders in the World! Woohoo! which is not surprising.. I’m sure everyone in the world knows atleast one.. no.. Two Indians. Think of all the votes that must’ve poured in! For the nuts who claim to be Indians (born, brought up in India) the Taj mahal was not built ny Akbar for his Begum!
ShahJahan built it for his late wife Mumtaz. He was crazy about her! The whole thing is made out of one marble stone.. (something like that) and after the Taj was built ShahJahan was so particular that the monument should not be copied by anyone else.. he cut off the hands of all the workers who built it!!! ouch!
But I’m still mighty proud that the Taj made it there..even though I have never seen it myself.

Tomorrow hopefully will be the day we watch the greatest movie of all time-
Aap ka Surroor, the Moviee, the real luv story! *laughter*

If I cant get up off the floor because of laughing at Himmesh,I would be really obliged if you could carry me out of the theatre!
*still laughing*

have a great sunday!

p.s- I’m sorry the post has absolutely nothing to do with Sunday morning.
p.p.s- I dont really care.