All those years of watching TV for hours and hours actually paid off.
Learning to actually do a pretty authentic Brit accent is helping me now..

I was at my IELTS class and we had a test today where we had to listen to random conversations in British English and answer the questions while we were listening. Honestly it can get pretty annoying… Im not looking down on them or trying to insult them.. they talk in a sing song voice sometimes.. but i still like it better than the slow American drawl.. 😛

So anyway, we finish the test and we’re checking to see how many we got right.. I got them all! All 40 wer right! ok ok.. not that great I know.. But what was shocking was that I was the only one. the second highest was 35. lol… What an achievement..

To make things worse.. there are these guys who sit at the back and joke about everything. They make stupid comments and the poor teacher has a tough time keeping the class in order when they’re around..

This was the scene:

Teacher- ok. Has anyone got a score between 37 and 39
Me- *barely raising hand* I did..               I got a 40.
Teacher- *shocked* you did?
Cute guy from the back- clap clap clap

So the whole class clapped while I sat there.. completely embarrassed!

The teacher assumed that I did well coz’ my mother tongue was English. I wanted to stand up for mallus around the world.. lol.. But I didnt. I simply said No.. still quite red in the face. 

I’ve come a long way.. From learning to talk before I could walk.. Learning to run before I could crawl. *lol*
I learnt Malayalam before English.. and I had a mallu accent when I moved to M’bai. but it wasnt that bad.. atleast I didnt think so.
Sheila- Stop laughing. It wasnt that bad..

But I’m still quite lost. I make crazy mistakes and If someone throws a lot of big words while discussing the political problems in Chile or some such topic.. Im completely clueless!
So if ever you see just smiling and nodding at whatever you’re saying.. Be assured that I do not have a clue as to what you are saying!

Did I mention.. that I treated myself to a slice of Chocolate cake and a brownie. 😀 I thought I deserved it! Dont look at me like that.

Oh and I’,m completely addicted to the Laree chootee song from Ek chalis ki last local.
*thankyou Sheila* I think Abhay Deol looks really cute in that movie.. He reminds me of Yusuf..
btw.. When are you leaving Sheila?? hahaha 😀

khwaab hai to mujhko na jagaa..