My weekend was pretty crazy!

Early friday morning <read 9 am> I was in the train on my way to college.
No  particular reason. I just had to get out of the house. I was so bored!!!

So anyway, after watching 2 packed trains leave me atranded at the station, I finally caught a train but i had to stand the entire way.. for about 45 mins.

Now, I’m pretty addicted to the radio and I was flipping thru the channels..


I heard his voice!

On the radio!!

Himmesh Reshammiya!!!

He was there promoting his movie- Aap ka surroor,the Moviee, The real luv story which was released on Friday. It took everything in me to stop myself from laughing out loud.

Omgness! the guy is so vain! I’m sure the interviewer was dying to make fun of him but unfortunately for her, He was sitting right in front of her! With that beautiful *ugh* shaved chest of his… and the Cap.. how can anyone ever forget the cap?!!! ahahaha

She asked him what he thought he was best at- acting, directing, singing or as a “lover”. He answered- Actor. ahahahahahahhahahhahhahahhahaahahhahahhahha
I’m just glad he didnt say Lover.. I would’ve jumped off the moving train!

There was even a contest where if you answered a very simple question, you could win a cap that he wore thrice in the movie- Aap ka Surroor, the Moviee, the real luv story!

He went on about the ‘moviee’.. how amazing it was, how wonderfully he acted, his cap.. blah blah..
oh How I want to see this moviee.. but the moment he starts to act “sexy” I’m running out.. especially during the Mehbooba song *shudders*..
I might throw up otherwise..

The weather was so great! Perfect for jumping about in and getting soaked.. I really wanted to dance… but I had no company. 😦  I missed you Sheila.
What am I going to do when you move to texas?!
Friday night, we left for Virar with a couple of leaders from Church just for a time of prayer and waiting on God. Sometimes you have to get away from everything and go up to the mountain.. I dont have any mountains *atleast none that I’m allowed to climb* so off we went to Virar..

We got there pretty late.. found a cockroach in the sink.. That sent most of the young girls *including me* into panic.. Why God why??!!! Why Cockroaches?! Why insects?!

Anyway, I had to share a room with Shirley, Farah and Dalreen. Shannon was kind enough to spray the toilet for roaches.. but I suspect it was only coz’ his ‘baby’ i.e Farah is really scared of them.

Note to self: Next time you are offered a room with three married women.. kindly but firmly refuse. I felt so lost the whole time. They were each talking about their husbands.. married life, cooking, cleaning etc etc.
I know one thing for sure. I am so not ready! Men are like little children. I mean, these women had even packed for their husbands.. Make them food. Force them to take a shower. Basically, Marriage just automatically turns you into a mom.. kids or no kids.
I feel like I never will be ready! I find it difficult to be responsible for myself.
Another human being that I have to take care of?! No thankyou!

Saturday , we started praying at 8 am.. Went on til about 11 something before we took a break! It was so refreshing..
Lunch was fabulous!Fried rice and Chicken curry with potatoes!!! *mmmm*
Shannon was there to make sure Chicken didnt suddenly disappear.. hehehe  
Then we heard about the heavy rains back home.. There were a couple of people with us whose homes had gotten flooded. No electricty. No trains. Rickshaws on Strike *what timing na?!* Just water everywhere. Waist high in some places!We were really tensed.. we heard that the highways were closed because of the heavy rain which meant we’d have to spend another night in Virar.

The only logical thing to do in the face of a problem is to Praise and Pray and thats exactly what we did!

We prayed and prayed with the rain pouring down the whole time.. We were done by 4 pm. Still raining outside but we knew we were ready to go home. Faith can move mountains.. or in this case, stop the rain.

It stopped.. an hour later. We didnt have to send Pastor out of the bus with a stick in his hand ready to part the ‘sea’.. lol. We made it home by bus although it took us around 3 hours.

God is good and faithful to the end!

I am so tired but refreshed. I want to go back. Its so important to just get away from everything and get down and pray. No internet. No TV. No moviees. No cell phone.

Just you and God. Thats a recipe for something fantastic!

One thing I learnt yesterday-
I always thought that I needed to put my hope in God
but yesterday I learnt that God is My hope!
If I have him.. everything.. absolutely everything falls into place!

What an awesome God we serve!

Hope your weekend was as great as mine!

singing in the rain,