I was tagged by Aridhi.. *its going to take me awhile to get used to call you that*
and so here are random facts about me..

1. On my 7th birthday, as I blew out the candles I made one wish.. ” I wish I was a Princess”
I soon realised that I was.. God was my father and He was King of Kings! so that automatically made me Princess. Isnt that amazing!! I cherish that revelation.

2. Justin and I spent a lot of time alone at home because both my parents were working and we didnt have any neighours our age to play with. While he amused himself by torturing insects.. I invented something that would guarantee that you put on 10 kilos in a month. I mixed butter and sugar.. and then added chocolate powder, kept in the fridge for awhile and ate it all by myself. mmm… I ate it almost everyday.

3. I do not know how to ride a bicycle.

4. I hated my name when I was in school. Coz’ none of the teachers could say it right..

5.  I had my first “crush” when I was 6.

6. I’m terrified of insects.. All I can do when I see them is scream. I’ve even had dreams where I ask God why he created insects in the first place and in one of my dreams, my cousin answered the question saying- Just be glad they’re not as big as flamingoes. I still dont know what that means.

 7. I learnt how to swim by myself. There were people who tried teaching me but all that didnt work. When I was 12 with no one but my little brother Justin *he really was little then* in the pool.. I’d stand at the edge of the shallow end and say a prayer- “Dear God, Im going into the deep end. I do not know how to swim. Please dont let me die. ” and then I would step out holding onto the side of the pool and move slowly all the way around. I didnt die. He actually listened to me. 🙂

8. I’ve been addicted to TV ever since I could say the word TV.

9. I was really talkative in school *still am* and teachers would try everything to make me stop.. One made me sit next to a really quiet girl but I got her talking in a couple of days. 😀 Then they made me Class monitor.. That worked… for a while 😛

10. My eyes are actually a mixture of green and grey.. They turn brown when they come into contact with light. how weird is that?!

There you go.. Useless info about me!

I tag Sheila, Benita, Ashwini, Hozefa, Paras, JoelJen and Sharla.