Yesterday was quite productive. Atleast according to me..

In an attempt to put the pieces of my life together.. I decided it was time to brush off the dust and actually switch on my keyboard. Most of you know *and never let me forget* that my keyboard spent the whole of the last two years as a decorative article in my room. Yesterday, I felt like I had to do something. I went online… looked around for chords, even asked Gaston for some. He, btw, seems to think its very funny that I actually want to start learning again. He couldnt stop laughing when I asked him to teach me! We both started learning together 2 years ago.. and today he plays every sunday.. and I … dont.

Anyway, almost everyone who saw me or heard me practice kept asking why.. What do you mean Why?! I spent money for it.. I have to use it sometime in life na… I cant waste my “talent”..some people I tell you! oof!

I finally joined the classes for IELTS exam.. I know it seems completely unnecessary to waste money on something like that.. It is after all just English exam.. But Momt thinks I wont study unless im pushed all the time. *grr* I hate it when she’s always right..
Its not all that bad actually. i’ll probably give my exam in a month or so.

I was up late last night reading ‘Te Kite Runner’.. From whatever I’ve read til now.. it seems like a great book.. The only reason I put it down was becasue I needed atleast three hours of sleep before I  got to college!

I’m also reading “Battlefield of the Mind- For teens” by Joyce Meyer. This is a fabulous book.. Yes, Im not a teen any more.. I keep forgetting how old I am.. thanks to oscar..
but, the book is really good. Its given me a lot to think about. What I feed into my mind. What I choose to think about. Have you  noticed it doesnt take much effort to think negative thoughts or doubt or worry..But it takes effort to think thoughts that are full of faith. Think about what you think.

I’m really excited coz’ Beni’s finally coming to India.. Mumbai to be specific.. for one whole year!! im so happy.. I finally get to meet her! I’ve heard sooooo much about her from Eben that I just have to meet her! 😀

More good news-Aridhi’s back!!! Aridhi/R-E-D is back with a new blog.. her third one i think.. and I’m so glad coz’ I’ve really missed having her around. I wish I could go to Delhi and meet her.. That will have to go down on my list of places to visit… this list is getting longer by the day.. but til then, I’m happy visiting her blog!

There you have it..another exciting day in my life!