I’m sorry for not posting.. just been busy or lazy.. whatever you want to call it.

My results are still not out!!! Someone mentioned that the University did not have enough stationery to print the results on! lol… Frankly, It would not surprise me!

So, I continue to wait.

In between all the waiting, I did manage to have an interesting weekend.. Saturday, was Zack’s birthday and Shannon, our wonderful worship leader sent everyone a message telling them they had to contribute 50 bucks for Zack’s gift and cake. Now, when I said everyone I meant everyone. He sent Zack the same msg!!!!! ahahahahhahaha… We were laughing so much about it.. but Zack was nice enough not to mention it! lol

Sunday was Father’s Day! For the first time in my life I called and wished Dad and even prayed for him over the phone.. He was so touched.. *makes me feel all warm inside*

We had an evening service this week! What a night!! First, the skit written by our very own Oscar Abraham Varghese a.k.a Osciboy was fab! *The best actor award has to go to Shirley!! She played the role of the nagging wife to perfection adn she’s only ben married three weeks! lol..* Everyone loved it.. The lady sitting next to me had tears in her eyes! and Oscar seeing that he can write as well as act has decided to join the Ekkta Kkapooor/Balagi Telefilms bandwagon!!! I know he will be an instant hit! *I hope they force him to wear pink*

And then the message! Shyju gave a simple but really amazing message on being in the presence of God. Truly awesome! But for me, its not what happens at the meeting thats important but what happens when you go home after a great meeting.

Today, I went to college coz’ I really missed being there with everyone else.. honestly, I think I would gladly go thru TY all over again.. ok maybe not gladly.. but I’d go thru it!

Meeting everyone.. sitting in the canteen.. sharing food. going back to my old classroom.. *I miss it all so much* and I love being with my friends!! They have to be the best people in the world! I love the times we have together. I love how different they all are..
What a crazy bunch of weirdos we are!

Ashwini helped me with my resume today! She was pretty patient as she waited for me to list my.. uh.. achievements and interests and activites. but somewhere down the line I think she lost it and said something like ‘What have you been doing with your life?’
What am I supposed to do?!!! No one told me that eating and watching TV as activities/hobbies/interests would not look good on your resume! People should warn you about things like this.. That way I would’ve atleast tried climbing a couple of mountains or something!

Anyway, my resume is done.. Looks kinda impressive. I sent it to the organisation I want to work with.. Really hoping to hear from them. Its something I’ve always wanted to do. More on that later.

Afterwards, I begged Oscar to come and have lunch with me at Mama Mia’s because I didnt want to risk eating in the canteen. That place should be preserved as a wildlife sanctuary! We walked all the way to Mama Mia’s. Got in and got out in less than five minutes. They said that we would have to wait 45 minutes for our food because they didnt have any potatoes!! Can you believe that?

We did the only logical thing.. We took a train from Charni Road to Mumbai Central *its only two stations away*, took a cab to another branch of Mama Mia’s. Its bigger, air-conditioned and has a waiter named Sonu!!! ahahahahahahhahhhaha.. I refuse to explain the joke. If you dont know what I’m talking about.. Maybe its better that way!

After a good lunch, Oscar gets a brilliant idea. He made us walk all the way back to the station. We walked and walked. It was hot. Not a cloud in sight. If it had rained, maybe I wouldnt have been so cranky! After all the grumbling and complaining and the walking and the sweating we finally made it to station and we missed the train. We had to wait atleast 15 mins for the next one. And after all this, all Oscar could say was “Look at the bright side, Atleast the walk helped you in losing weight.” I really wanted to hit him then, but its so hard to hit a smiling face. And Oscar couldnt stop smiling. He found the highly annoyed and cranky me extremely amusing.. So I had to resort to other ways of torture. *evil grin*

Got home, fell on my bed and slept for 4 hours. College life is tiring. I still miss it though.

oh and it rained all evening. Heavily..
I think God likes a good laugh now and then… 🙂