Eben gave me a horrible scare yesterday. He called and said that my results were out. I tried not to think about it and go back to sleep.. but I couldnt coz’ my heartbeats were just too loud. I didnt want to tell mom… I’m scared of her sometimes.
But it was a false alarm *whacks Eben on head* .. I have atleast a day or two left..

I feel like I’m not ready for my results yet.. wouldnt it be better if they came out a couple of years later?? Why in the world do people add so much importance to marks? They dont defone who you are… 

I still sleep at 3 am each night.. uh morning.. and therefore cannot (will not) wake up in time for an early morning jog and in mumbai if you cant jog in the morning you’re never going to do it the rest of the day. You’ll probably be run over by a rickshaw if you try.. 

I miss college so much.. just sitting in class listening to some lecture that seems completely pointless at the time, passing notes throughout the lecture, sitting in the canteen for hours and the train rides!!! I miss all of it.. I want to go back.

It feels nice to know that I’m missed too.. Justin came back the first day with a bug grin on his face and said “College is really quiet now”.. I think thats his own way of saying- I miss you.

The first day, in the train.. Paras said- ” in memory of Christine, let us maintain a moment of noise.”

*laughing *

*still laughing*

Kids these days..

Oh how I miss college.. and how I miss my crazy bunch of friends!