First off, I want to say a big, christine style *with all the yelling and hugging* ‘Thankyou’ to all of you who commented on the earlier post. I was so upset at that time that I forgot to close comments.. but now Im glad I didnt.

I made a couple of decisions..
1. I want to forgive him. This is going to be hard for me. Really really hard. But God has helped me through bigger problems.. just another learning experience. But i’m still staying away from him. Four years is a long time. I’m not putting myself through this again

2. I am going to make sure that I never put myself in this position where someone has so much say over my life.. someone who doesnt really deserve it, who isnt capapble or worthy of it. *thankyou Sharla*

3. I have realised that your Tongue has immense power. You can make someone or break them completely. I choose to bless with my tongue. I’m not going to judge anymore. Whoever you are, whatever you’ve done.. I’ll love you the way God loves me.

4. Usually whenever people look at you, most of them cannot seem to look beyond your flaws… but its ok. Thats their problem.
There are a few who can see the real you amidst all the dirt.. Sometimes you dont even have to meet them to see it. *thankyou Beni*
There are those who’ve seen your “super holy side” and your “sinful side” and still love you the same *love you too Sheils*
And most importantly, when everyone else is looking down on you.. God still thinks the world of you! I love his heart and I love the way he loves me. I couldnt ask for anything more.

Broken but alive,