It hurts. It really does. I didnt say anything to you but you just started off from somewhere inside your own head. I really do hate what you’ve done to me. I hate how I fell prey to your charming ways.. I hate how foolish I was. 
Now you turn around and tell me I’m not good enough?
I dont understand what I did wrong.. all of my demons from 5 years ago come back to haunt me.. 

Fine.. I get it. I’m fat and ugly. I live on the sympathy of others.. I look for someone to compliment me… just so that I can have something to smile about. I’m everything I’d rather not be.. There’s a lot I want to change but I’ve tried so many times and now I just give up.

Everyone wants me to something different. I’m tired of being a people pleaser. I dont even know who my real friends are anymore.

I’m sorry I’ve never been what you’ve wanted me to be…

you broke me. you took everything you wanted.. sometimes by force. 
You broke me.. and now there’s nothing left.