Did anyone know about the cyclones that hit Oman?? Well, I didnt.. and I wish I had bothered to chueck the news or I wish someone had told me because then I wouldn’t have had to stand at the Airport for more than 2 hours waiting for mom.

We left home just 10 mins before her flight was due to land and I was a little nervous about her getting there before we did. We made to the airport to find that the plane was still somewhere in the air. That meant we had to wait… for really long.

Atleast I had the sense to buy the tickets to wait inside the airport and not outside in that horrible sticky weather. but we walked into find that we still had to stand because all the seats were occupied. So we waited til 2 am..

We reached home by 3 am..and mom insisted on telling us all her experiences.. :P. Then we wanted to open up her bags to see what she got us. She actually brought us Ice cream from Baskin Robbins..<although it looked more like Chocolate milk.. my mom can get a little crazy sometimes..> I had to explain to her that we could have bought the same thing from here but Somewhere in the back of her head is the idea that anything from Saudi *except fruis and vegetables* will be “cheaper” and better. *rolls eyes*
What a typical NRI!
By the time we got to sleep it was almost 4.30 in the morning. I’m sure she could have continued telling us her stories. We had to remind her that we sleep accordin to Indian standard time.

She was up way before me and went about cleaning and unpacking.. mothers! the house comes alive when they step in.

But she seemed quite happy with the house and she actually used my name and the word “responsible” in the same sentence.. and not in a negative sense! Now, that is encouragement. But I know I have a lot to learn before I try this again.

Lunch was good. Mom-made. There’s something about the way moms cook. You could dine at the finest restaurants all year but when you come back home to a simple mom-made meal… Nothing like it!

p.s- I did tell my mom that I missed her..
but I think she saw it in my eyes even before I could say a word.

Loving life,