Yesterday, I found out that a friend of mine lost his dad.. I attended the funeral after the morning service. This has to be the first funeral i’m attending where I actually know the person. It started to get cloudy as they read the final scriptures before burying the body. I could do nothing except hold back the tears and pray real hard that no one would see me crying. As soon as the funeral was over, the rain started.. (quite considerate)
The thing is this brought back all the memories of my uncle and how I dont remember the last time I saw him coz’ I didnt have my glasses on.
I’m still a bit shaken and im feeling really low.. And as always I try to push all these feelings and thoughts into a tiny little box and go about life, like nothing ever bothers me. Its quite easy and not many people can really figure out…

Leaves me to deal with my hurt alone.

The next time you hear from me.. I’ll be back to my “real” self.