What we did for the last two days.. I managed to drop coffee on my couch. She only dropped water on herself.. She seems to be improving..
We’re so alike that Oscar said that if she was a man, I could’ve married her!

Nah!!!! hehehe

We went out for lunch yesterday to this amazing restaurant! Great decor, great buffet, great food and really reasonable prices..! I’m so glad that the two of us were together coz’ it was quite a classy restaurant and if you are going to embarass yourself its always better to have a partner in crime.. we went a little crazy over the desserts but that shouldn’t come as a surprise! 😀 and I did not drop anything! Atleast I dont remember doing something like that.. lol

We hung out at the mall after that.. and we spent most of our time at Landmark checking out Fairy tales and books that teach you colors and stuff. My favorite was a book of fairy tales by Disney. I want to go back to being a kid. They have so many fun things now to play with…

We were considering buying a board game so that we could stay up late and play but just the two of us playing sounded a little boring so we didnt go ahead with it. Its all oscar’s fault.. He refused to come play Scrabble and Scotland Yard with us!

We bought some icecream from the Gelato place and the guy gave us a lot more than he was supposed to.. and the other guy asked him why he did that and he said something like ‘when beautiful girls buy something you should give them a lot more’.. We ran away as fast as we could. Scary old uncles..

Sheila’s friend is acting in a movie and we.. actually Sheila wants to help him generate revenue for the movie. Its called MP3- Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar. Her friend plays the role of the main character’s friend. Something like that.

I was up til 4.30 am last night coz’ Somebody couldnt sleep! *grrrr*

Today, we cancelled our plans to go shopping and stayed back home to cook lunch instead. That was a disaster story from the start. I had to defrost chicken and we are both so terrible that Sheila had to call her boyfriend at work and ask him how to do it. Then, we found that we needed flour and I didnt have any. I called the store downstairs and they sent me some and I sifted it to find that there were worms in it. We should have stopped there but we decided we had to eat something and we forced ourselves to believe that the worms could not pass thru the sieve..*yuck..I am never buying flour from that place again* Our first kadai was too small for the gigantic pieces of chicken and we had to transfer the chicken with the boiling oil into a bigger and flatter pan. By the end of it, we had oil, flour, eggs etc. everywhere.. The chicken was well cooked on the outside *looked a lot like KFC* but undercooked inside. *UGH* I didnt know what to do with it.. so we ate the crust and threw away the rest.. The whole thing took an hour and a half and it was past 3.30 when we sat down to lunch.
Conclusion- I am not ready for cooking and taking care of a house. I am just going to leave that to my mom. The good tihng is we didnt burn the house down.. My mom would go nuts if she saw the house like this.. but what she doesnt know wont hurt her 🙂
I managed to clean up most of it.

Thats all we have done upto now. I sincerely hope we dont have anymore “interesting” adventures

We’re finally going to KFC as a group from Church on sunday.We’ve arranged for cars *there is  no way that i’m taking a train* and even asked around for what the Vegetarians and the fish-tarians could eat.. We’ve been planning this for months and Maju (my cell group/housechurch leader) is the most excited! We even taught her 2 year old to say KFC.. although it sounds like KF-G

We might even go to Water Kingdom on Tuesday.. but we’re not too sure about that.. coz’ most people cant get an off from work.. Sheesh.. The worst excuse I’ve heard til now is- I”‘m tanned already and spending a day at Water Kingdom would make it worse..” *roll eyes* .. I happen to think ‘Dark’ is beautiful too!

This is really important and I need your help..We want to have a theme party or something for the youth and friends that they might want to bring along. Nothing too elaborate. very casual.. with a nice theme.. that we can make happen inspite of the rains.. Which means the fancy dress thing is out. No one’s going to dress up and risk getting soaked on their way to the party. If you have any ideas or anything that you might have organised before let me know! I really need ideas and I need them soon.