So, today was interesting. Went out with Oscar and Eben to the mall *again*.. Cant help it. We get bored quickly and oscar needed to buy something. I didn’t buy anything! So proud of myself! 

Today’s purpose was to get atleast one good pic of me. After many many many trials I found one..which I’ll put up later along with a video we made for the blog.

Sheila came home tonight… I met her after one whole year. And she didnt notice my braces for awhile.. maybe ppl cant see them! There is still hope for me!

I have to go find out what to do about my studying out of India thing. I’ve been trying to get out of doing anything becaue I’ve been scared of leaving home and everything I love. I dont know if I’ll be able to adjust.. I dont know if I’ll make any friends. What if people are really mean and they dont talk to me! I really dont know why im always so negative and so scared of trying anything new and different. but i have to do something. I cant sit like this any longer. Time’s running out. Dad’s getting angry. 😛

Tomorrow, I’m going to be spending the whole day with Sheila… Wonder what we’ll do. She mentioned something about ‘chaddigiri’. lets see…