I am so tired. I have these really dark cirlces under my eyes… its not really my fault.. Ok it kinda is. Thursday night, I slept at 5 or 6 am. i dont remember why.. I think I was reading a detective novel.
Friday night was Maju’s bday cum sleepover.. So that meant staying up late again. mostly coz’ maju’s 10 yr old son Sheal, seemed to think I wanted to stay up and play NFS on his gameboy. KIDS! where do they get their energy? Dont say Chocolate coz’ its never worked for me. Saturday night, I was up til 1 coz’ I was having important convos on the fone. Sunday morning, Bablu woke me up at 6.30 am because he wanted to speak to Justin! So during Pastor’s message yesterday, I was really afraid I would fall asleep… which is not great coz’ I was in the second row. but i survived. I didnt fall asleep. I didnt snore. I didnt embarass myself! Go christine!

Last night, I was up til 6 am watching TV. I slept for four hours after that. 😀 and Im not feeling all that sleepy! I dont know how I do it!
I have to tell you this… so that you can make fun of ishan next week. Ishan’s sister is studying in vancouver, Canada. I heard about the Hillsongs United concert and I asked him if she had gone for it. You should’ve seen his face. She went for the concert and the darling sister that she is, she called him from the concert. She was having such a great time that she wanted him to be a part of it. So she held up her phone for him to hear for himself how great the concert was. he waited a whole minute and a half before finally hanging up.. I dunno.. maybe he thought he could hear something if he really concentrated… hahahhaha!!!! Ira- Thankyou for doing that. You have made me so happy!

Im going for Shrek the third and POTC-3 on Friday. First day first show. So that no one can ruin either movie for me! Im so excited!!! 😀

Sheila’s going to be with me for a few days. Its been a whole year since I last saw her! We really have to work on keeping in touch.