I am king by nature. trust me i was not a part of sunami or bomb blast. I am bluddy good looking when girls close their eyes.  –@nking79***lionking.

This is some guy who sent me a friend request on Orkut. Why in the world did he think I’d even bother???

So today, I was in a lousy mood coz’ no one had any time to meet me. But I just decided I had to meet someone And I picked Oscar and later Eben found that he could come too. So we hung out at Inorbit. Its been a long time since I went window shopping with guys and this time I was really nice and I did not take them to any stores that could embarass them. I even went and stood patiently while Oscar checked out laptops and some Graphic thing you can use to design stuff on *I forgot the name*..

I want a laptop now. I’ll need it sometime in life right?  😀

Had a good time talking. I hadnt seen them for quite some time and there was a lot that we had to talk about. but I have to come back with my mom coz’ I saw some really nice kurtis and I have to.. I mean.. it would be nice to buy a few. *I’m working on not spending too much money.*

But most of the time, I cant help it. Girls are a lot more high maintenance. Most guys think that looking pretty takes no effort. But it does.. It takes time, money and Effort! So, before you think of asking that really cute girl out, make sure you have a really well paying job or father *any one will do* and the source of your income has to be stable over a period of time. 

On the way back home, I was thinking of how driving on Bombay streets truly was an achievement. You have to think fast, make sure your car doesnt hit anyone or fall into the ditch on the other side, save fuel.. therefore drive fast *thats Oscar’s idea and in a strange way it does make sense*

The thing here is that we dont have sidewalks.. *even if we do, there are people sleeping there or selling stuff so we cant really use that* which means that there are a lot of people who are just walking on the road, crossing whenever and wherever they want to *we dont have the zebra crossing thing in the suburbs, thats only in “town”*. These people are either deaf or they think that horns are musical instruments coz’ they do not respond to them no matter how long you bajao the stupid horn. You have to stick your head out of the window and yell gaalis at them.. this is usually the only thing that gets their attention!

Sitting inside a rickshaw is really scary sometimes coz’ rikshaw drivers dont really care whether the passenger dies of a heart attack. They drive like they’re the kings of the road. There is no seatbelt, no handle bar to hold on to.. nothing. Its like being in a rollercoaster that’s lost control. Scary.

Josh has moved on. I must too. I could atleast try..

I’ll end with something that I read that really had me laughing for a long time-
                                 Save a tree -eat a beaver.